Investigate and track access right changes with Garancy Time Traveler

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Better protection against insider attacks

Garancy Time Traveler

Benefits of the Garancy Time Traveler

With the release of Garancy Access Intelligence Manager 2.1., we will offer a new add-on, the Garancy Time Traveler. The solution enables companies to analyze all changes to access rights for corporate data and applications at any time. As it continuously logs all changes to access rights, the Garancy Time Traveler allows users to check access rights for any point in time and within any timeframe.

This enables them to detect potential risks in good time and prevent them impacting the business. Using the Garancy Time Traveler helps companies to significantly reduce the risk of fraud and data theft by insiders. However, should a case of fraud or data breach occur, the tool includes extensively detailed forensic analyses with which users can pinpoint its source.

Historical analyses

The Garancy Time Traveler gives managers analyses and information about users’ access rights across the entire company. For forensic investigations and IT audits, they can monitor all necessary information about changes to access rights over the period of time being examined. In addition to delivering a simple snapshot, the tool also provides data about every change to access rights.

Garancy Time Traveler

Historical Analyses of Access Rights

For internal and external IT audits, the Time Traveler provides high quality answers to questions about access to corporate data and applications. Users can easily create ad hoc analyses to obtain immediate answers to questions not covered by the standard analyses included in the tool. In this way, they can define their own reports that immediately deliver targeted answers to urgent questions.

Investigate all access rights changes

Garancy Time Traveler enables companies and organizations to answer the questions on all historical data regarding the access rights in IT audit situations or investigations based on snapshots as well as on continuous data loads.

  • Continuous data loads of changes enables you to see access rights changes within a day and will be reported to detect at-risk situations.
  • Dig deeply and investigate the complete change histories in the selected timespan, with every change on account, role, group, authorization and resource
  • Status histories provide the information about the status of access rights at any given point of time in the past
  • Compare risks based on the job functions to reduce the risk of fraud and data leakage.
  • Store all historical information long-term in a data warehouse, thereby fulfilling compliance requirements.

Further information about Beta Systems’ Time Traveler solution is available at Beta Systems IAM.

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