Password Management solution across multiple platforms

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SAM Password SynchronizationToday we would like to share some information about our SAM Password Synchronization installation at a financial services customer.  The bank, based in Poland, is a subsidiary of northern Europe’s largest financial services group. It has been providing retail and corporate banking services to the Polish market starting in the early 1990s.

With the implementation of SAM Password Synchronization, or in short SAM PS, the bank can now provide end users with access to heterogeneous platforms via a single password. In the Baltic countries subsidiaries of the financial services group already take advantage of the password management solution SAM PS. The solution helps the bank enforce its strict security policies while increasing convenience for business users and reducing the help desk’s workload.

Company employees regularly use various systems and applications, most of them requiring a different password, for their daily tasks. This can be complicated for users and labor-intensive for administrators. Many users are frustrated by the number of passwords they have to remember, especially as they tend to change frequently. As a result, they often write their passwords down, jeopardizing the security for which the security policies and control mechanisms were created in the first place. With SAM Password Synchronization, Beta Systems enables companies to avoid security breaches and minimize risk.

SAM PS is a Windows-based security software solution – which alternatively also runs on z/OS, i5/OS and Unix – that synchronizes user passwords across multiple systems within the enterprise. It also gives systems administrators a centralized, efficient system for processing revokes, resumes, and deletes for user accounts. A single entry manages each user’s multiple system and application environments, so users need only remember a single password. Changing a password on one system results in the automatic update of the password for all related accounts on all other systems. Password changes are automatically synchronized to all connected systems and applications and implemented such that the user can access all applications.

SAM PS provides a single password for multi-platform environments and shortens the password authorization process for end users. The simple yet secure procedures heighten the acceptance and enforceability of security policies at the bank in Poland and reduce the workload of its help desk teams.

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