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Today we are happy to announce the release of the new version of its Password Management solution SAM Password 5.3. SAM Password is designed to simplify access across networks of distributed computers without compromising security. It consists of SAM Password Synchronization and SAM Password Self Reset, providing improvements that extent the feature set of this proven technology. With SAM Password, companies reduce the cost and security exposures related to the management of user passwords and user availability.

Password Management IAMSAM Password Synchronization provides a consistent method for managing the major aspects of password and user id access attributes across multiple platforms. Changing a password on one systems results in the automatic update of the password for all related accounts on all other systems. This reduces the number of passwords that end users need to remember, as access to most systems use one common synchronized password. The reduction in the number of passwords greatly reduces the incident rate for forgotten passwords and also reduces the tendency for end users to write down passwords and the weakening of enterprise security that such habits can introduce.

SAM Password Self Reset provides safe, easily accessible user self-service authentication and password reset which are easily implemented and maintained. It reduces or eliminates the need for security or administrative staff intervention in the case of end user loss of access to a system or an application because of forgotten or incorrectly passwords. For end users, this reduces the length of access interruptions due to lost or forgotten passwords. SAM Password Self Reset also facilitates the implementation of common rules and policies across the enterprise. It provides a flexible infrastructure that can be customized to implement global and consistent password management rules, while producing a complete set of audit records logs regarding password and User ID availability changes.

The main new features of SAM Password 5.3

The new release offers new platform support for Lotus Domino 9, SAP NetWeaver 7.4 and z/OS 2.2. Communication among SAM Password systems now uses Unicode for character data, allowing Unicode characters to be used in user IDs and passwords in appropriately configured environments. The new release comes with many Out-of-the-Box reports and enables users to customize reports according to their requirements. Internationalization was also enhanced by adding new features for a faster localization, allowing the user interface to be easily adapted to further languages.


Our password management solution includes all of the key features needed for an enterprise-wide password management solution and supports a broad array of target platforms. It simplifies security through consistency and enhances productivity and security at the same time. With SAM Password Self Reset end users can safely and securely reset their own passwords, improving end user productivity and satisfaction while freeing up Help Desk staff for more important issues. With SAM Password Synchronization, end users only have to remember one strong password, which is the same on all their accounts on other defined systems. The result is stronger security (no written down passwords) with less chance of users forgetting their passwords.

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