Out now: The new GARANCY Identity Access Management Suite

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Beta Systems today unveiled its new Identity Access Management Suite and IAM website


Beta Systems’ Identity Access Management Suite brings maximum flexibility to dynamic companies.

Today Beta Systems announced the new version of its Identity Access Management Suite. The product family, for the first time presented under the new GARANCY product label, offers many new functions and enhanced integration of the individual components.

For detailed information go to our new identity and access management website, which was also launched today.

Beta Systems IAM – Maximum Flexibility for Dynamic Companies

The updated and improved functions of the GARANCY IAM Suite specifically address the ongoing changes and emerging requirements that affect all corporate areas of the customer base. Altered or upscaled IT landscapes, new legal regulations and increasingly stringent audits as well as changed user and usage profiles pose challenges to modern companies in the wake of key trends such as digital transformation and Industry 4.0. The high level of flexibility built into the IAM Suite helps companies cope with these dynamic changes in an efficient manner.

Bringing Top Flexibility to the IT Landscape and to Meeting Compliance Regulations

Corporate IT landscapes keep getting more complex, both internally and outside a company’s boundaries. In order to effectively manage this complexity, the identity management system employed must be flexible enough to support the full range from cloud systems to home-grown specialty applications designed for the corporate data center. The GARANCY IAM Suite incorporates a scalable connector framework that delivers ready-to-use interfaces to standard applications and systems. The new product version allows companies to connect their own applications rapidly and flexibly by means of a universal connection framework. Moreover, new connectors make it possible to integrate various cloud computing systems with the company-wide IAM solution.

Flexible IT Compliance thanks to Identity Access Management

In order to help companies meet the ever-growing number of legal provisions and other compliance-related requirements, the new Garancy Identity Access Management Suite fully covers all these demands by integrating governance and provisioning in a single IAM system. In addition, flexible audit and reporting functions complemented by a new portal-based user and role recertification concept strengthen IT security. Among other benefits, the functions enable companies to meet the EU data protection provisions laid out in the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Enhanced Flexibility for Users and Organizations

Users, too, stand to benefit from the GARANCY Identity Access Management Suite in terms of flexible operation: Enhanced options for processing risk assessments or for classifying different user types give companies the ability to precisely and comprehensively control the authorization profiles and management workflows for their own employees, partners and even end customers. Given this feature set, the Identity Access Management system can even act as a customer identity management system or can be used for the secure management of technical users in the context of Industry 4.0. Finally, GARANCY IAM seamlessly bundles all access management-related activities in a central web portal, thus providing an ideal platform for user-friendly and flexible corporate access governance processes. This also includes the support of mobile end devices to satisfy the growing need of users to remain in sync with the office when they are on the road.

For more information visit our new identity and access management website.

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