Identity & Access Management is not just for Security its for Business!

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IAM as a Business Enabler

IAM as Business Enabler

Sure, Identity & Access Management ticks the boxes for IT Security requirements for both internal IT security policies and external governance and compliance requirements and that alone is justification for some organisations to invest in an IAM solution.

But lets be honest – the real reason most businesses invest in IT systems is; to

Reduce Costs and Increase Business!

Increasing business of course should be the main goal for any size organisation as its seeks to either maintain market position (by controlling customer churn) or attract new customers away from the competition. Therefore it follows that implementing an IAM solution that just satisfies the IT security requirements but with no real benefits to the business is in my opinion, at best missing the point and at worst a waste of time and money!

So what should you look for when choosing an IAM vendor? well first of all let me be blunt on this – if your IAM vendor cannot tick these three boxes I suggest you stay well clear;

1. They have proven 100% success of implementing IAM solutions over many years

2. They have a good understanding and experience of what is driving your business

3. They can implement IAM at a Fixed Price

These three points should be the cornerstone for evaluating the credibility of an IAM vendor and should sort the ‘real’ IAM players from the noise and hype that some vendors portray to the market!

IAM can open up your corporate data in a secure way to allow your business to grow not only existing customer sales but also to attract new customer sales with targeted one-to-one marketing – and of course the auditing capabilities of a comprehensive IAM solution allows greater transparency of who accessed what, when and why, music to the ears of sales & marketing professionals!

IAM can therefore be a very powerful and important tool for your business – but this will not be that obvious to you if you don’t choose an IAM vendor who understands your business drivers and more importantly has a pedigree of delivering successful IAM implementations. Good luck!

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