IAM for insurance companies

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On average, internal users in insurance companies work with more 20 IT applications and distinct data stores while external business partners use up to 10 applications with access to the insurers’ data. But do you know for sure who controls the access to the data and who represents the biggest risk? And why?

Protect  the sensitive data of insurance companies from unauthorized access!

Why IAM for insurance companies is so importantInsurance companies operate in a rapidly growing but highly competitive market providing efficient and compliant services. To safeguard reputation, revenue and retention rates, the insurer must ensure customers are fully satisfied with its services and that their data is 100% protected.

But there are lots of threats to the security of data within the insurance industry due to unauthorized access to critical data of customers by cyberattacks, hacker attacks or a misuse by insiders.

Our Identity & Access Management Suite IAM for insurance companies ensures that confidential medical and financial customer data is protected from unauthorized access, from application files to claim settlement. Through a combination of user-based controls, role-based access and detailed logs for comprehensive audit trails, insurers are able to increase security and ensure regulatory compliance.

IAM for insurance comanies can increase efficiency of application management while also safeguarding customer data for internal user access and external business partners like brokers and agencies.

  • Reduce data breaches and protect access to sensitive data
  • By ensuring only authorized users gain access to personal information, insurance programs, and provider services and
  • safeguard reputation and reduce inappropriate use of services

Improve identity-based Security

We offer insurance companies automated provisioning and de-provisioning, making onboarding joiners and de-provisioning leavers in your systems very simple, while keeping in mind security issues. Insurance companies will be enabled to quickly and consistently control a user’s access across all business applications throughout the organization (very important, especially if an employee is laid off).

IAM for insurance companies supports the prevention of theft of customer data and potential fraud: triggers a notification before any payments with unauthorized charges or pay-outs to fake customers can take place. Our IAM solution optimizes authentication, authorization, provisioning and registration, identity validation and multi-factor authentication. The solution fulfills the needed audit & compliance requirements.

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