Fixed price IAM is available now!

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Beta Systems Launches Fast Forward IAM: a standardized Identity and Access Management package at a fixed price

Fixed Price IAM

Fast Forward – fixed price identity and access management solution

Today we announced the availability of Fast Forward IAM, a standardized identity and access management (IAM) solution at a fixed price and with a reliable implementation schedule. As Europe’s largest independent provider of IAM solutions, we have included our 30 years’ of IAM experience and best practices in this new IAM solution package. The new fixed price IAM offering includes the software as well as any necessary services and consulting.

Far less risk for your Identity and Access Management project than ever before!

Fast Forward contains the implementation of the IAM system and browser-based standard workflows, the import of user data from HR, the creation of basic user roles, and the interfaces required for interoperability with standard applications. Our fixed price IAM package enables customers to benefit from minimal project risk, maximum budget reliability and a predictable project duration.

Simplify your Identity and Access Management

To ensure success in your IAM projects, companies should start by identifying their goals and limiting the initial scope of the project. If these things are not defined precisely beforehand, an IAM project can quickly increase in complexity and lead to expensive and time-consuming project creep. This is one of the reasons why many companies abandon their IAM implementation before it is complete – or decide not to tackle the project at all. That’s why we launched our new, standardized IAM setup and implementation service to resolve this exact problem with a fixed price IAM solution.

For 2000 or 4000 users: up and running in just 3 months

In Fast Forward IAM, we has bundled the value of our experience and best practices gleaned from multiple IAM implementations across different industries and regions. Fast Forward IAM is available for 2000 or 4000 users. Companies can usually complete the deployment of this powerful identity and access management solution in just three months.

Once the initial Fast Forward IAM project is complete, customers can of course extend their identity and access management in further projects, such as by adding more users or by integrating a wider range of functions to tailor the solution to their changing needs.

“Beta Systems’ FAST FORWARD IAM is the standardized setup and implementation of our IAM product suite at a fixed price.”

So why should you go for Fast Forward: It is up and running in just three months as a general rule for a typical project. For 2,000 or 4,000 users. With “Fast Forward”, you can boost and safeguard your identity and access management project at the same time!

  • Attractive Pricing to start your IAM
  • Fixed-price implementation incl. all licenses and professional services
  • Standardized project procedure provides all you need for a quick start
  • Preconfigured solution design ensures the completeness of your system

Fixed price IAM is available now!

Further details, including pricing for the IAM package, are available directly at

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