Identity and Access Management at DEVK Insurance Group

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DEVK Identity and Access Management

Access Rights and Role Assignment with SAM Enterprise Identity Manager

Simple User Administration – Even without the IT Department

DEVK Insurance Group: Identity and Access Management

More effective and efficient IAM

Giving specialist departments the ability to self-administrate certain access rights greatly reduces the workload of IT staff. The DEVK insurance group implemented this strategy for optimized access management with the help of SAM Enterprise Identity Manager from Beta Systems. For DEVK this means much simpler and faster access rights allocation across all corporate IT systems. Even employees with little or no technical skills can assume basic user administration tasks.

DEVK has been insuring German policy holders against the risks of everyday life for over 125 years. At present, the DEVK Group is tending to approximately 4 million customers, insuring them against 14 million risks across all segments.

The upcoming update to the latest SAM Enterprise Version 2.1 underscores the insurer’s goal of further intensifying ‘specialist department self-governance’: The group is planning to introduce SAM Business Process Workflow, which will enable simple, browser-based individual request processes on the department level.

Benefits of the Identity and Access Management solution

SAM Enterprise Identity Manager enables DEVK to assign access rights to all corporate IT systems much simpler and faster than before. Even employees with little or no technical background can take on certain user administration tasks. Moreover, SAM Enterprise not only manages and assigns authorizations in the SAP production system, but also in the various testing, development and pre-production environments.

  • Administrating 3,000 Additional Staff – Without any Increase in the Expenditure!
  • Systems administrated with SAM Enterprise Identity Manager (2015): 90
  • Rapid Assignment of Individual Access Rights Based on Higher-Level SAM Roles
  • Higher Operating Safety Thanks to Automatic Reconciliation with the HR System
  • Meeting Governance Regulations

Implementation of SAM Business Process Workflow

Moreover, DEVK will implement SAM Business Process Workflow as a new product when migrating to SAM Enterprise 2.1. The new tool will introduce business process-oriented release workflows for assigning, changing and revoking authorizations. Also, this new application will further streamline and simplify the access rights allocation process. The workflow empowers the DEVK Insurance Group to transfer additional routine tasks relating to role creation to the specialist departments. The respective approval officer of each business unit can assign the specialist role of each new employee in the workflow by defining their functions and duties. Designed for intuitive and user-friendly operation, the user interface of the workflow is expected to inspire more key users and team leaders of the specialist departments to autonomously manage access authorizations in SAM Enterprise. Owing to the Business Process Workflow’s web-based technology and easy-to-use graphical interface, technical know-how is not required of users.

Learn more about the implemented solution here.

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