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Senior System Architect Detlef Sturm is a Senior System Architect at Beta Systems Software AG with 20+ years’ experience in design and practice of system and software architectures. In addition to the technological aspects, he was significantly involved in drafting the strategic positioning of Access Governance in the IAM area. As Part of this strategy he took over the responsibility for design, architecture and development of the Access Intelligence product. He has built up extensive knowledge in BI technologies in particular based on the SQL server. In addition to the focus of the multidimensional design of data warehouse systems, it also deals with applications of analytics for IAM. These include the analysis of permission structures regarding relationships, history and risk. Even his physical fitness is given enough attention by regular jogging and biking. His best time in the marathon is currently 3:34 hours.

Permission Path Analysis based on Access Intelligence

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Many organisations have a heterogeneous system landscape which uses a number of different access right concepts. The goal of all these concepts is to provide users with those access rights on resources they need to fulfil their work. Based on the high number of users and resources to protect in large organisations, the administration of these access rights can be quite complex and time consuming. Here access intelligence comes into the play.

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