Digitalisierungsschub für den öffentlichen Sektor

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Corona und seine Folgen beschäftigen den öffentlichen Sektor nun schon seit Monaten.
Zur Bewältigung der Corona-Pandemie legt die Deutsche Bundesregierung kurzfristig ein „Konjunktur- und Krisenbewältigungspaket“ auf.

Was ist das Ziel?

Ziel ist unter anderem die Verbesserung der digitalen Infrastruktur in Bund, Ländern und Kommunen:

  • Registermodernisierung in Bund, Ländern und Kommunen
  • Sofortige Umsetzung von Digitalisierungsvorhaben in der Verwaltung zur Beschleunigung von Prozessen unter Einhaltung von Compliance Vorschriften wie die EU-DSGVO
  • Zügige und flächendeckende Umsetzung des Online-Zugang-Gesetzes bis Ende 2022, d.h. Verbesserung des Online Zuganges zur Verwaltungsleistungen
  • Erhöhung der IT-Sicherheit

Um in diesem Bereichen helfen zu können, haben wir konkrete Hilfestellungen für unsere Leser bereit gestellt:

Registermodernisierung und digitale Kundenkontakte

Vermehrte digitale Kundenkontakte auf Basis von Vertragsakten und Personalakten

Suchen, Filtern und Abrufen von Daten, ideal für die Beantwortung von Anfragen an Einzelpersonen

Beschleunigung von Prozessen in der Verwaltung

Berechtigungsmanagement im Öffentlichen Dienst

Beschleunigung der Prozesse in der digitalen Verwaltung durch dokumentenbasierte Workflows

Einführung identitätsbasierter Workflows zur Automatisierung von Berechtigungsfreigaben

Einhaltung von Compliance Vorschrift

Verwaltung und Verarbeitung großer Datenmengen mit klar definierten Zugriffsrechten

Beachtung der Compliance Vorschriften hinsichtlich der Zugangsberechtigung auf digitale Dokumente hinsichtlich der EU- DSGVO

Prüfung der Verwendung personenbezogener Daten in den Rechenzentren von Bund, Ländern und Kommunen

Schutz der Protokolle vor Änderungen, unberechtigten Zugriff oder Löschen

Umsetzung des Online Zugangsgesetzes und Erhöhung der IT-Sicherheit

Überwachung und Steuerung der Zugriffsrechte auf alle Daten und Anwendungen in Verwaltungen und Behörden

Netzwerkmanagement und Netzwerk Sicherheit: Entdecken, verwalten und kontrollieren Sie alles, was mit Ihrem Netzwerk verbunden ist

Prüfung der der Verwendung personenbezogener Daten

Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Umsetzung Ihrer Digitalisierungsvorhaben!

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Based on the current developments we have decided to postpone the Beta Systems Technology Forum until April 2021.

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Dear readers,

As a replacement this year, we are planning a webcast in English covering Data Center Intelligence (DCI) and Identity Access Governance (IAM) on the original date of 23 April 2020.

Almost every hour there is new, unpleasant news due to the novel corona virus (COVID-19). The health of customers, employees and partners of Beta Systems is our main concern. We would have liked to have held the event as planned from April 22nd to 24th, 2020, especially since we had more registrations than ever before, but due to the current pandemic, we must cancel. 

You will find details on registration and the final agenda for the webcast here:

Save the date now:

Look forward to exciting new information on products and customer presentations.

And take good care of yourself in the upcoming weeks!

Yours sincerely,

The Beta Systems Team

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Stolen Usernames and Passwords – So What?

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We read about stolen user accounts and passwords on the news all the time. It happens so often that we barely react anymore.
– So what as long as it does not concern our company, some might think.

However, the IT security of Your company is in fact being compromised by such hacks, although you have almost nothing to do with the organization hacked.

Let us consider for example the recent hack of usernames and passwords at Disney+. While your organization might not be directly linked to Disney+, you might still have employees who have a Disney+ account.
It is a known issue that people reuse passwords. There are just so many services you need a password for, both in your private and work life. There is always the risk that some employees might have reused a Disney+ password for systems in your IT environment. Unfortunately, when it comes to IT security Murphy’s law usually applies.

What can we do about this?

For one thing, we can demand that people use more strong passwords.
Using longer and more complex passwords will actually help, even if there would be a reuse of the password across private and work applications. This is because stolen lists of usernames and passwords are most often still encrypted. An easy password is easier to decrypt than a complex one.

Another strategy can be to improve the user experience around passwords in your organization. For example, if the user knows that it is easy to restore passwords by self-service, then he/she will be more confident to choose a unique password rather than reuse an old one.

If you would like to know how Beta Systems can support your password management, visit our website:

Or reach out to us directly:    

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What you should know about access management

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Many companies are subject to strict regulatory requirements.

The topic of access management is important in almost all requirements.

To ensure that these requirements are met, companies must be audited externally or by their own auditors!

Here it is helpful to present targeted Audit analyses in order to be able to fulfil a fast data delivery within the scope of an audit and thus to be able to prove compliance with the right requirements.

In order to be able to meet the goals and requirements of access management, technical support is advantageous, but the purchase of a tool alone is not sufficient. Added to this is the complexity of access management:


In addition to complexity, further problem areas arise

Our partner KMPG has to deal with a number of errors and problems during external or internal audits, for example:

  • Intransparency of the assigned or required authorizations (e.g. missing reporting options or quality of the authorization descriptions)
  • Intransparency on “legalizations” (applications / releases not comprehensible
  • Overrights (e.g. “trainee effect” or in relation to privileged accounts)
  • No periodic quality assurance (“recertification”)
  •  Lack of acceptance of responsibility
  • Failure and waiting times for IT systems
  • Dealing with www authorizations (e.g. regarding information owners, entry in CMDB)
  • Overloading of the service desk due to increasing diversity of the application landscape and the repetitive standard queries
  • Overview of external employees/service providers and their access to company data not available/incomplete
  • Authorizations not organized according to business functions, no role model available

What do?

Together with our partner KMPG, we have compiled a free white paper which shows how these regulatory requirements have been implemented and helps you to cope with the complexity of access management and compliance, security and efficiency. Here you can download it for free.

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