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Observations on the Role Life-Cycle

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Dynamic organisations need to consider role life-cycle models



The main goals that companies want to achieve in security administration are enhanced security at a low cost, while coping with the challenges of an increasingly complex IT environment. A high level of security is important to prevent possible losses through fraud and unauthorised disclosure of confidential information. Internal audits often encounter severe security weaknesses which oblige the IT security department to take appropriate countermeasures.

An increasingly dynamic economy is an additional challenge within this context. The most important issues here are the rapid growth of companies, large-scale mergers, the ubiquity of the internet and continuous organisational change.

As most companies intensify their business of the internet, they are dealing with very large numbers of users.

Dr. Axel Kern

Senior Manager Consulting

Dr. Axel Kern has been in management positions with Beta Systems for more than 20 years, with a high level of experience in Development, Portfolio & Solution Management, and Consulting. Graduating and getting a PhD degree at one of the leading German Technology Universities in Braunschweig he brings an exceptional background and knowledge of IAM solutions and their practical use with him.

His deep knowledge of the IAM industry gives value to any project. He combines the ability to lead his team members and to prepare his customers at the same time in the right way to achieve excellent project results.