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Beta Systems expands its IAM Partner Business with 6 new Partners

Beta Systems’ partner program which has been introduced a year ago– and its drive to increase its reach in Europe with more partners for its identity and access management (IAM) solutions – is a major part of Beta Systems ongoing growth strategy.

IAM Partner BusinessThe Identity Access Management Suite of Beta Systems has been selected by another six channel partners to deliver advanced IAM and Governance solutions to large and medium enterprises in Europe. Headquartered in Central Europe, United Kingdom and the Adriatic region, the firms are recognized leaders in their markets.

These new partnerships further strengthen the IAM Channel Business in Europe. They underline the continuing success of Beta Systems’ partner program. Over the last 12 months, Beta Systems has succeeded in attracting more than 15 top-flight partners in different key European markets for its range of IAM solutions.

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Walter Teichert
Prior to current role he served for 10 years as Director Sales Europe at Beta Systems Software AG. Walter received his diploma in business administration from the University of Applied Sciences, Kiel in Germany and passed various Management Programs at Babson College, Mass., USA. Before he joined Beta Systems Software AG in 2003 he worked for Sharps Electronics, Siemens AG and Nixdorf Computer in Germany and abroad.

IAM workflow with highest marks on fulfillment and comfort

Top marks in the Fraunhofer IESE market analysis of BPM suites

IAM Workflow Business Driver

identity access management workflows

The aim of the study is to provide an overview and comparison of the Business Process Management solutions available on the market to interested companies. The individual products were compared by their degree of fulfillment and comfort in different categories.

The study was carried out in the context of workshops in which the participants were to present their solution together with an implementation of a given process. The exciting part of the task was to apply previously unknown changes to the process and the organizational structure.

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Thomas gr. Osterhues
Thomas is Senior Manager Marketing at Beta Systems. While working at market leaders Coca-Cola and Lidl, he was infected with the tech bug and moved rapidly into the software world, working for leading ECM and IAM companies in Marketing, Channel Sales and Product & Solution Management., with a strong focus on business processes and data center solutions at large clients. He is able to rapidly understand and articulate how technology can solve specific business challenges: for sectors, channels, prospects, teams ... and bring all stakeholders on board. He is someone who gets the job done – and then some.

Permission Path Analysis based on Access Intelligence

Many organisations have a heterogeneous system landscape which uses a number of different access right concepts. The goal of all these concepts is to provide users with those access rights on resources they need to fulfil their work. Based on the high number of users and resources to protect in large organisations, the administration of these access rights can be quite complex and time consuming. Here access intelligence comes into the play.

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Detlef Sturm
Senior System Architect Detlef Sturm is a Senior System Architect at Beta Systems Software AG with 20+ years’ experience in design and practice of system and software architectures. In addition to the technological aspects, he was significantly involved in drafting the strategic positioning of Access Governance in the IAM area. As Part of this strategy he took over the responsibility for design, architecture and development of the Access Intelligence product. He has built up extensive knowledge in BI technologies in particular based on the SQL server. In addition to the focus of the multidimensional design of data warehouse systems, it also deals with applications of analytics for IAM. These include the analysis of permission structures regarding relationships, history and risk. Even his physical fitness is given enough attention by regular jogging and biking. His best time in the marathon is currently 3:34 hours.