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Mapping IAM to the Cloud: What you need to consider

Mapping IAM to the Cloud: IAM is growing beyond the premises / Cloud

Identity and Access Management in the Cloud

Identity and Access Management in the Cloud

Although the term ‘Global Village’ is already celebrating its 53rd birthday this year (according to Wikipedia, it was introduced by Marshall McLuhan in his books “The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man in 1962)” it has never been more prevailing: Looking to a typical company setup today, everything seems globally interwoven – teams, processes, IT-systems. As one of the consequences IAM systems are challenged to consider and cover this flexibility in its concepts.

The biggest attention in this structural change is probably given to the idea of Cloud Computing.

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Niels von der Hude

Born in 1968, he received his diploma in electronic engineering at TechnischeUnversität Berlin in 1993. In 2000, Niels von der Hude passed the ‘General Management Programme’ at INSEAD. After ten years of work in telecommuncation business, where he acted as a management consultant and as a corporate investment manager, Niels von der Hude entered Beta Systems in 2003.