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Enhanced IAM security with Access Intelligence at Millennium bank

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IAM for banking at Millennium iam

IAM for banking at Millennium

The largest listed Portuguese bank Millennium bcp expands the coverage of its Identity and Access Management system (IAM) to include core banking applications and deploys Beta Systems’ risk-driven governance solution.

Millennium bcp is Portugal’s largest listed bank, with a prominent position in the financial market in Portugal. It is the second-largest Bank overall and the first listed banking institution in terms of market share – both in loans to customers and in total customer funds – with an impressive distribution network, made up of a total of 695 branches at the end of 2014. It is also a reference institution in Europe and Africa, through its banking operations in Poland, Mozambique, Angola and Switzerland. All these operations trade under the Millennium brand.

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Thomas gr. Osterhues

Thomas is Senior Manager Marketing at Beta Systems. While working at market leaders Coca-Cola and Lidl, he was infected with the tech bug and moved rapidly into the software world, working for leading ECM and IAM companies in Marketing, Channel Sales and Product & Solution Management., with a strong focus on business processes and data center solutions at large clients.
He is able to rapidly understand and articulate how technology can solve specific business challenges: for sectors, channels, prospects, teams … and bring all stakeholders on board. He is someone who gets the job done – and then some.

Planning an Access Risk Management System

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Sample of Analysis

Sample of Analysis

Managing access permissions is an increasingly important part of successful risk management. The potential risk to corporate IT increases with every access authorization and every user account. When people dealing with risk management include permission structures in their work, they can significantly reduce IT risk potential and therefore strategic and operational risk too.

So what do you need to consider when planning, implementing and deploying an access risk management system.

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Niels von der Hude

Born in 1968, he received his diploma in electronic engineering at TechnischeUnversität Berlin in 1993. In 2000, Niels von der Hude passed the ‘General Management Programme’ at INSEAD. After ten years of work in telecommuncation business, where he acted as a management consultant and as a corporate investment manager, Niels von der Hude entered Beta Systems in 2003.