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Increase Security with Portal-Based Recertification of Access Rights

We are very pleased to announce the general availability of its Garancy Recertification Center, our portal solution to boost the use of SAM Enterprise for the efficient recertification of user access rights. It enables companies to review internal and external users’ access rights and to specify which managers are able to recertify or revoke user permissions. The benefit to companies is an increase in the security and accuracy of recertifications, while making the recertification process itself auditable and compliant.

Recertification Task Force

Making access recertification more reliable and cost-effective

The Garancy Recertification Center mitigates the risk of unauthorized access to company data and systems, accelerates access right reviews, and provides substantial cost savings by using risk-sensitive recertification. It enables companies to act immediately to correct erroneous or wrongly-assigned permissions to prevent unauthorized access. The company’s enterprise identity and access management (IAM) provisioning solution applies the changes in real time to the relevant target system. The Garancy Recertification Center enables companies to complete and comply with the recertification campaign within the defined time frame, thereby minimizing the risk of unauthorized access. As a result, they can set up recertification campaigns effortlessly based on organizational units, job titles or risk assessments. The solution facilitates the recertification process for everyone involved in it. Organizations can schedule and manage recertification campaigns in advance or run them on an as-needed basis.

Tailored to business requirements

The Garancy Recertification Center is designed as a portal solution with an easy-to-use and intuitive browser interface, giving managers a quick and convenient way to recertify access rights for internal and external users. They can view the status of the recertification process at any time in the progress bar, which shows details like the expiry date, a brief description, revoked and recertified entitlements as well as the time frame. The solution also provides views of the access rights of individual users, departments, project groups and the entire company. Companies can also create sophisticated cross-table comparisons and see new, accepted, rejected, pending or all recertifications. The portal solution is optimized for use on the desktop as well as on mobile devices such as tablets.

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