Preparing for the EU GDPR by identifying potential user access risks

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Reports and multi-dimensional analyses using the Access Intelligence Manager for GDPR purposes

Access Intelligence Management for GDPR Compliance

Access Intelligence Management for GDPR Compliance

The analyses and reports deliver the whole spectrum of security-relevant information, such as number of roles, groups, accounts or target systems per user including historical analyses of access rights. Dedicated dashboards providing weighted data and key risk indicators allow staff to perform targeted follow-up measures.

Risk-based access intelligence methods can uncover critical security gaps and thus help prevent any form of data misuse. The solution offers automatic support throughout all stages of access risk management – from assessment and analysis through to monitoring and risk control, thereby being an important tool for ensuring compliance with the principles of GDPR.

360° dynamic monitoring provides a complete overview of access rights and associated risks

Obtain reliable answers to new IT challenges posed by legal compliance regulations e.g. GDPR. The solution brings transparency and security to business processes and allows them to be reviewed retroactively. It does so by analyzing all business-relevant data sources and providing information in the shape of individualized drill-down and drill-through reports.

The risk-based access intelligence methods go beyond merely managing the allocation of access authorizations. They can uncover critical security gaps and thus help prevent any form of data misuse or non-authorized access.

Trace access rights for any given time or period!

The integrated Garancy Time Traveler enables customers to answer the questions on all historical data regarding the access rights in IT audit situations or investigations based on snapshots as well as on continuous data loads.

You can dig deeply and investigate the complete change histories in the selected timespan, with every change on account, role, group, authorization and resource, even on changes within the day or hour. Status histories provide the information about the status of access rights at any given point of time in the past

Find out more on how to identify potential user access risks here .

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