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Closing Pandora’s Box: Complex Application Security Requirements, Simplified Application Security Solutions

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How to close the gap between password management, identity access management and application based policies to control all access

closing pandora's box

application security

Once a user has been granted the permissions to access data and applications, how can we close the loopholes that may allow the user to access data in an inappropriate manner or ignore policy?

Using today’s ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control) standards, you can programmatically and systematically close the lid to Pandora’s box and ensure accesses are only occurring where and when they should by an authorized user.

New Value Pack available for SAM Enterprise Identity Manager

New Value Pack available for SAM Enterprise

SAM Enterprise ValuePack2The second value pack for SAM Enterprise Identity Manager is now available. The new version comes with a list of new features & functions like support of Solaris version 11 as TSI and the support of MS SQL Server 2014 as data base.

The complete list of target systems can be found on our support homepage.

Based on our customer requirements the SAM Business Process Workflow got many enhancements to improve the usability and the design of business processes.

For a detailed feature & functions list of the new value pack please contact your account manager.

IAM: Control IT access of thousands of external employees

How to find an IAM solution that controls access of thousands of external employees to hundreds of IT applications.

IndustryLarge-scale projects represent a major challenge as regards IT security, because it is not only the thousands of employees who use the IT systems; in addition, often thousands of external employees from several hundreds of partner companies also need to access a broad range of applications while working on the project. The Identity Access Management must ensure that all involved have the required access rights at the right time, as well as revoking the rights as soon as they are no longer needed.

In large-scale project a staff of several thousand is involved. Assume that about half of them are office workers, meaning they require access to the IT applications. But no single company can build major industrial projects alone e.g. a power station or an airport, so a large number of external subcontractors and experts are involved in the project.

Network Security’s weakest Link: Password Management

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Password Management
Password Management

While network security encompasses both the physical and software preventative measures to prevent and monitor unauthorized accesses or misuse of a computer network, the adoption of a password management policy and strategy can be foundational to the prevention of unauthorized uses of network resources. In many cases, simple password management is the weakest link.