10 quick tips on Identity Access Management

Here are our Identity Access Management (IAM) top tips for the implementation of an solution to protect company informatiion from unauthorized access by internal and external users.

Quick tips Identity Access Management – what you need to consider

Identity Access Management - the key to enhanced security

Identity Access Management – the key to enhanced security

End-to-End Access Management

Organizations should be able to match every existing user account in Active Directory, Lotus Notes, SAP, or other business-critical applications to a real person currently working for the company. Aside from the security aspect, unused application licenses cost a lot of money.

Beta Systems expands its IAM Partner Business with 6 new Partners

Beta Systems’ partner program which has been introduced a year ago– and its drive to increase its reach in Europe with more partners for its identity and access management (IAM) solutions – is a major part of Beta Systems ongoing growth strategy.

IAM Partner BusinessThe Identity Access Management Suite of Beta Systems has been selected by another six channel partners to deliver advanced IAM and Governance solutions to large and medium enterprises in Europe. Headquartered in Central Europe, United Kingdom and the Adriatic region, the firms are recognized leaders in their markets.

These new partnerships further strengthen the IAM Channel Business in Europe. They underline the continuing success of Beta Systems’ partner program. Over the last 12 months, Beta Systems has succeeded in attracting more than 15 top-flight partners in different key European markets for its range of IAM solutions.

Enhanced IAM security with Access Intelligence at Millennium bank

IAM for banking at Millennium iam

IAM for banking at Millennium

The largest listed Portuguese bank Millennium bcp expands the coverage of its Identity and Access Management system (IAM) to include core banking applications and deploys Beta Systems’ risk-driven governance solution.

Millennium bcp is Portugal’s largest listed bank, with a prominent position in the financial market in Portugal. It is the second-largest Bank overall and the first listed banking institution in terms of market share – both in loans to customers and in total customer funds – with an impressive distribution network, made up of a total of 695 branches at the end of 2014. It is also a reference institution in Europe and Africa, through its banking operations in Poland, Mozambique, Angola and Switzerland. All these operations trade under the Millennium brand.

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Closing Pandora’s Box: Complex Application Security Requirements, Simplified Application Security Solutions

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How to close the gap between password management, identity access management and application based policies to control all access

closing pandora's box

application security

Once a user has been granted the permissions to access data and applications, how can we close the loopholes that may allow the user to access data in an inappropriate manner or ignore policy?

Using today’s ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control) standards, you can programmatically and systematically close the lid to Pandora’s box and ensure accesses are only occurring where and when they should by an authorized user.