New Value Pack available for SAM Enterprise Identity Manager

Identity Manager Business Process Workflow

Identity Manager Business Process Workflow

The new third value pack for SAM Enterprise Identity Manager 2.1 is now available. This version comes with many new features & functions that are related to our “Business Process” solution. The focus of these enhancements is on the process designer to make the implementation of individual processes smooth and easy. The further major focus is on the support of new target systems versions and new platform versions e.g. Windows Exchange Server 2016 or z/OS v2.2 as installation platforms. The RACF TSI has been enhanced by some new password processes based on the IBM Security Apar OA43999.

The complete list of target systems can be found on our support homepage.

For a detailed feature & functions list of the new value pack please contact your account manager.

Beta Systems at the European Identity and Cloud Conference in Munich 2016

We will showcase our risk-driven Identity and Access Management suite at the European Identity & Cloud Conference which will be held in Munich on May 10-13, 2016.

Access Governance Award for Beta Systems

Access Governance Award for Beta Systems at the EIC 2014 and 2015

Our GARANCY IAM Suite allows for collection and administration in a central repository for all information associated with users (identities, groups, roles), with components of the IT system (target systems) and with access rights. The use of Governance Workflows in the IAM system makes it possible for an enterprise to digitally design and accelerate all its processes associated to access rights. The browser-based solution for the efficient recertification of access rights enables companies to review the internal and external users’ access rights and to specify which managers are able to recertify or revoke user permissions. A Password Management module facilitates access to applications and simplifies the enforcement of IT security policies associated to passwords.

Password Management New Release Available Now

Today we are happy to announce the release of the new version of its Password Management solution SAM Password 5.3. SAM Password is designed to simplify access across networks of distributed computers without compromising security. It consists of SAM Password Synchronization and SAM Password Self Reset, providing improvements that extent the feature set of this proven technology. With SAM Password, companies reduce the cost and security exposures related to the management of user passwords and user availability.

Password Management IAMSAM Password Synchronization provides a consistent method for managing the major aspects of password and user id access attributes across multiple platforms. Changing a password on one systems results

How to get fit for an IAM implementation

What you need to do before you start an IAM implementation

Fit for an IAM implementation

How to get fit for an IAM implementation

There are several measures you can and should take to prepare for the successful, efficient and on-target IAM implementation. The more carefully such a project is planned, the smoother and simpler the actual implementation will turn out.

Many IAM projects end up exceeding the planned time and budget many times over. The possible reasons are manifold, but generally not only the system provider is to blame – instead, more likely than not, the project preparation and definition of the required specialist concepts was also flawed.