Beta Systems draws high interest at Gartner IAM summit

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Team cooperation needed to be successful with IAM

fixed-price iam Fast Forward

fixed-price iam

The Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas started with a fantastic role-play by 4 of the analysts to help the record number of attendees see 4 points of view. The theme of the Summit is that building an IAM solution is not just the responsibility of one person or group – it takes the cooperation of a team of people with different points of view and skills.

Beta Systems plans to introduce fixed-price IAM solution

Beta Systems at Gartner IAM Summit – Las Vegas Dec 2-4th

Fixed-price IAM

A standardized IAM solution at a fixed-price IAM and a predictable implementation schedule

With the new ‘Fast Forward IAM’ program, Beta Systems licenses and implements a standardized IAM solution at a fixed price and a predictable implementation schedule. This program will be introduced today at the Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas.

Planning an Access Risk Management System

Sample of Analysis

Sample of Analysis

Managing access permissions is an increasingly important part of successful risk management. The potential risk to corporate IT increases with every access authorization and every user account. When people dealing with risk management include permission structures in their work, they can significantly reduce IT risk potential and therefore strategic and operational risk too.

So what do you need to consider when planning, implementing and deploying an access risk management system.

Powerful IAM for a Large European Bank

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IAM-for-FinanceIT auditors and the business organization staff of the bank agreed that for the 40,000 users of its client/server applications, IMS applications, other mainframe systems and its Windows network, the user administration systems currently in use were not providing the security required by the bank and were demanding too much administrator time.