Permission Path Analysis based on Access Intelligence

Many organisations have a heterogeneous system landscape which uses a number of different access right concepts. The goal of all these concepts is to provide users with those access rights on resources they need to fulfil their work. Based on the high number of users and resources to protect in large organisations, the administration of these access rights can be quite complex and time consuming. Here access intelligence comes into the play.

Measurable IAM benefits – an infrastructure task – Part (I)

An investment decision for an Identity Management solution is not based on a “need-to-have” perception, but is increasingly oriented towards measurable IAM benefits: an increase in security levels and in the efficiency of identity administration.

The term “Identity and Access Management” (IAM) includes all aspects of the administration of digital identities. This is initially an infrastructure task which is indispensable to the proper functioning of an organization. It is also a management task, since these activities affect data security and the efficiency of business processes.

Identity and access management with new SAM release

Since the ‚General Availability‘ of the new release of our identity and access management (IAM) solution SAM Enterprise Identity Manager 2.1 customers of Beta Systems Software get a huge number of newly available features and functions for their identity and access management solution SAM Enterprise Identity Manager at no extra license or maintenance cost.

SAM Identity Manager comes along with a new, powerful reporting system, improved user interfaces and considerable extensions for the compliance focused identity and access management.

Beta Systems draws high interest at Gartner IAM summit

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Team cooperation needed to be successful with IAM

fixed-price iam Fast Forward

fixed-price iam

The Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas started with a fantastic role-play by 4 of the analysts to help the record number of attendees see 4 points of view. The theme of the Summit is that building an IAM solution is not just the responsibility of one person or group – it takes the cooperation of a team of people with different points of view and skills.