The importance of standardized identity and access management workflows

Business oriented IAM workflows: what they need to provide

IAM Workflow Business Driver

Business Driver of identity access management workflows

Particularly in the field of authorization allocations, withdrawal of authorizations and authorization amendments, business-oriented approval workflows are rapidly gaining in significance.

This is largely due to the fact that the responsibility for ensuring that employees have the right access authorizations at the right time is being shouldered by the departments, not least as a result of legal regulations.

Measurable IAM benefits – an infrastructure task – Part (2)

Increased Security Levels

identity and access management

identity and access management

After looking at the most important benefits of Identity and Access Management in my last post  I will continue with another post where I will especially be considering the increased security levels you can achieve with Identity and Access Management and its strategic benefits to the enterprise. 

Beta Systems’ IAM at InfoSec World 2015

IAM at InfoSec World 2015 in Orlando

Beta Systems of North America will be exhibiting our IAM solutions at InfoSec World 2015 in Orlando, Florida on March 23-25.

Over 1,300 corporate IT security professionals from all over the world will gather at one of the premier educational experiences with workshops, summits and sessions that address some of the most pressing matters in IAM and information security today.

IAM data historization – a compliance necessity

With the growing spread and availability of IAM systems, auditors are getting more and more demanding concerning their expectations for powerful analytic capabilities regarding the IAM data historization. Over the last decade, most IAM systems were implemented because of the dreaded question ‘Who is allowed to do what in your organization?’