Identity Management for Financial Services

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Identity Management for Financial Services

Protect sensitive information, data and systems from unauthorized access!

The growing threat of data abuse and theft as well as ever-more complex legal regulations make Identity Management for Financial Services a must-have tool for businesses operating in the financial sector.

The GARANCY IAM of Beta Systems suite protects the business-critical information, data and applications of financial service companies from unsanctioned access. Each employee can only access the data required to perform the given task at hand. At the same time, the IAM suite delivers forward-looking options for supporting the digital transformation of companies.

The GARANCY IAM suite provides powerful Identity Management for Financial Services based on standardized best-practice processes in the banking sector, which are designed to improve data security, lower operating costs, reduce risk relating to data access and introduce efficient audit-compliant processes that ensure compliance with all legal regulations.

Why choose Beta Systems’ Identity Management for Financial Services ?

The security and quality of the IT processes and systems employed at a financial service provider determine the level of IT risk associated with its daily business. GARANCY IAM enables orgnanizations to maintain IT systems and processes that ensure data integrity, availability, authenticity and reliability – even when exchanging data with external partners.

It enables organizations to Implement internal guidelines and maintain compliance with FDIC, FFIEC or other government agencies and comply to regulations including BASEL III, GLBA, SOX and SAS 70.

GARANCY IAM enables you to maintain IT systems and processes that ensure data integrity, availability, authenticity and reliability – even when exchanging data with external partners. The rapid, centralized control of access rights across the company facilitates the reliable implementation of organizational and procedural changes of any scope.

The risk-based IAM system empowers financial institutions to assess their access risk, immediately identify issues and take the corresponding security measures in a dynamic system landscape with constantly changing access rights. An integrated Data Access Governance module demystifies and controls access to unstructured data such as documents, tables or emails.

Beta Systems is the leading IAM provider for the Banking Industry

  • 50% of Europe’s major banks employ products from Beta Systems.
  • Leading data centers of savings banks and cooperative banks trust in Beta Systems’ IAM solutions.
  • Employed by private banks of all sizes.
  • Simple integration of specialized banking and home-grown applications based on a proven connector technology.
  • Our Professional Service and consultants bring many years of experience to the table, and they are intimately familiar with the requirements specific to the banking industry.

For detailed information see our IAM solutions for the banking sector here.

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