Identity and access management with new SAM release

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Since the ‚General Availability‘ of the new release of our identity and access management (IAM) solution SAM Enterprise Identity Manager 2.1 customers of Beta Systems Software get a huge number of newly available features and functions for their identity and access management solution SAM Enterprise Identity Manager at no extra license or maintenance cost.

SAM Identity Manager comes along with a new, powerful reporting system, improved user interfaces and considerable extensions for the compliance focused identity and access management.

Identity and access management reporting

With the new release, Beta Systems has added major enhancements to the reporting facility integrated in the solution. These include new reporting technologies as well as multiple new reports based on customer requests. The very active SAM User Group worked closely with Beta Systems to develop a concrete set of reporting requirements that can be used for entire organizational units as well as for clearly defined and detailed views of individual users. This provides customers with user-friendly reports and analyses that allow them to monitor and follow up on critical indicators and processes.

User-friendly interface for identity access management

Customers are excited about the new, more user-friendly interface with its optimized menu structure. The new, more intuitive interface improves usability and is more closely aligned to everyday business needs. It includes a completely redesigned menu structure that now also reflects identity governance aspects, while facilitating the implementation of audit and compliance requirements for identity management purposes.

Identity and access management migration

Customer can look forward to migrate to Release 2.1 of the SAM Identity Manager and use the even better support for companies in compliance- and security-related questions. Our identity and access management solution enables them to implement an effective governance program that combines intuitive use with traceability and meaningful results. The new version combines the advantages of powerful and sophisticated provisioning with advanced access governance functionality that is easy to use.

In addition, customers benefit from significantly expanded web services with a clear focus: strengthening the connectivity of SAM for third party applications and providing a deeper integration between the SAM Identity Manager and SAM Business Process Workflow. The new SAM 2.1 version also provides customers with live balancing on the user and individual account level as well as on the target system level. The permission settings in the target systems can be synchronized automatically with IAM system requirements for complete systems and optionally for individual users too.

The introduction of the new SAM Identity Manager 2.1 is well prepared and we are proud on the excellent feedback we have gotten so far from our SAM User Group and our customers about our identity and access management.

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