IAM workflow with highest marks on fulfillment and comfort

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Top marks in the Fraunhofer IESE market analysis of BPM suites

IAM Workflow Business Driver

identity access management workflows

The aim of the study is to provide an overview and comparison of the Business Process Management solutions available on the market to interested companies. The individual products were compared by their degree of fulfillment and comfort in different categories.

The study was carried out in the context of workshops in which the participants were to present their solution together with an implementation of a given process. The exciting part of the task was to apply previously unknown changes to the process and the organizational structure.

“The BPM suite from JobRouter convinces us with a portal that includes nearly everything needed in the field today, ranging from elementary workflow features such as reserving tasks to sophisticated substitution concepts. Furthermore, the solution provides a powerful yet simple to use development environment used to quickly get processes to work”,
says Dr. Sebastian Adam, Fraunhofer IESE.

Highest comfort in process execution and runtime management

Our partner JobRouter AG was able to complete the workshop with flying colors and in record time using its workflow management system. Their strong focus on providing a simple way of designing and changing a process, as well as the possibility to intervene in a running process helped there. As a result, the workflow was named the by far most comfort able and was placed in the upper third concerning the degree of fulfillment in the category of process execution and runtime management. This shows that we play with SAM Business Process Workflow in the same league as players such as Oracle, it even surpasses them in the issues important to our customers.

Distinct approach on modeling

With 15 years of experience and hundreds of successfully implemented workflow projects, our partner Jobrouter is certain that the approach to create a technical BPMN model and then transferring it into an executable workflow nearly never works in practice. For this reason, JobRouter and our IAM workflow rely consequently on its own simple model to depict the processes, which allows reaching the truly important components necessary for the workflow, such as the form designer and the administration of business rules.

Very good fulfillment and comfort

With an overall degree of fulfillment of 85. 8% and a comfort score of 72. 3%, our workflow secured a leading position in the final ranking. With the presence in the upper right quadrant of the market analysis, the evaluation of the workflow solution was very successful. A second place concerning comfort of the application confirmed our course of strictly focusing on a business oriented IAM workflow.

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