Controlling Corporate IT Identity Chaos and Access Risks

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IAM suite: Stop Insider Cyber Attacks

IAM suite: Stop Insider Cyber Attacks

Companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of handling vast amounts of data generated by complex IT systems, as well as implementing and enforcing access control measures based on identity & access governance. Most companies deploy various dedicated applications and multiple platforms for each specialist department, and the users have widely differing access rights to these systems.

These organizations need identity & access management solutions that allow companies to make access rights assignment traceable and, moreover, automate all IT user management processes. It should minimize operational costs and ensure consistent adherence to internal and external IT security policies.

Extensive IAM and governance functions

Our GARANY IAM suite provides extensive IAM and governance functions based on the most comprehensive user provisioning solution in the market. User information from HR systems, corporate directories and organizational databases are automatically turned into access authorizations for the integrated target systems. All required information is specifically prepared for each department in a comprehensible manner, making authorization structures highly transparent for IT administrators as well as for the specialist departments. All changes are visible and traceable, ensuring that all regulatory IT compliance provisions are met throughout the company. This allows companies to better protect the data and resources maintained in their IT systems from unauthorized and illegitimate access.

Workflows – Involving the business layer

Whenever authorizations are allocated to employees, a multi-stage approval process simultaneously checks whether these authorizations are actually needed. We offer various workflow-based request and approval procedures in the context of access authorization management. The IAM suite supports the automatic management of user accounts, enforcement of corporate policies, access authorizations and resource allocations. They reduce the costs of administration and further ensure that all users are allocated precisely the access authorizations required to fulfill their functions and tasks at any time.

Recertification of access rights

For additional security, existing authorizations are checked on a regular basis (recertification). Our browser-based solution for the efficient recertification of access rights enables companies to review internal and external users’ access rights and to specify which managers are able to recertify or revoke user permissions. The company benefits from an increase in the security and efficiency of recertifications, while making the recertification process itself auditable and compliant.

Access Intelligence

Analyses and reports deliver the whole spectrum of security-relevant information, such as number of roles, groups, accounts or target systems per user. Dedicated dashboards providing weighted data and key risk indicators reveal critical security gaps and allow staff to perform targeted measures to prevent any type of abuse.

A modern user interface of the IAM products sets new standards for the usability of security software. In addition to offering comprehensive role management functions, the products can be integrated into a vast range of target systems, including the z/OS world. Highly scalable products deliver proven modules for application in the complex, heterogeneous IT environments of mid-sized and large corporations.

Increase IT security with GARANCY IAM Suite

So with the GARANCY IAM suite organizations are able to clean up the IT identity chaos that exists and turn the identities into a key asset for all identity-related process optimizations.

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