New Beta Systems Product: The Garancy Recertification Center!

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Brand-new: Portal based Recertification of Access Rights

We are pleased to announce our new Garancy Recertification Center. It is a portal-based solution for the recertification of access rights. Companies can now run review campaigns of the users’ access rights, assigning the manager to recertify or revoke their entitlements, thereby increasing the security and accuracy of recertifications and making the recertification process auditable and compliant.

Review Access Rights

Garancy Recertification Center

The Garancy Recertification Center is designed to serve the business. It comes with a business-friendly and intuitive browser interface enabling internal as well as external user (e.g contractors) to easily and comfortably recertify access rights.

Review campaigns of the users’ access rights

The Garancy Recertification Center mitigates access risks, and reduces review-times as well as review-costs substantially by using risk-level driven recertifications. It enables you to act immediately to correct inconsistent or unauthorized permissions to prevent unwarranted access. These changes will be enacted in real-time with your IAM provisioning solution on the source systems. Now companies are able to enforce the need to comply with the recertification campaign and within the defined time frame, thereby minimizing any risk of unauthorized access.

Recertification designed to serve the business

  • The status of recertification process is visible at any time in a progress bar: with details like due date, description, revoked & recertified entitlements, time frame and progress.
  • Get a single user view as well as group overviews (e.g. departments) and cross-table comparisons: see all, new, accepted, rejected or pending recertifications
  • Assign substitutions or delegations via workflows with automated security checks on ability and conformity according to defined delegation rules in the IAM engine
  • Enable highlighting, notification, reminders: e.g. send reminders to approver whose progress falls below a certain progress status
  • Enable auditable rule or SoD violation handling
  • After completion of the recertification task an automated ‘out-of-the-box’ de-provisioning follows.
  • For specified conditions it will be possible to use a bulk recertification.
  • Finally, when access changes are required (for example, complete termination of access) then SAM Enterprise Identity Manager, our provisioning system, can be leveraged to automate changes, and handle any exceptions.

Forget laborious customizing: Recertification configurable to your needs

The Garancy Recertification Center is easily configurable to your needs. You will profit from straightforward configuration of workflows for automated recertifications instead of laborious customizing. The effortless creation of recertification campaigns for who, what, when, intervals or durations – based on org-units, job-titles or risk assessments make life much easier for everybody who is involved in the recertification process. You can schedule recertification campaigns as well as ad hoc campaigns.

Flexible & compliant Recertification

The responsive design of the portal supports mobility and is optimized for usage on desktop as well as tablet or mobile devices. The Garancy Recertification Center supports internal and external audits and ensures compliance with the various regulations at minimal cost and in record time: It comes with complete event logging and archiving of the progress status: what is done, what is open, who did what, owner of resources, groups, roles or entitlements, approver, reviewer … It is a internationalized unicode based solution, enabling the use of different date formats and & time zones. For more information and technical insights contact our sales team at

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