Fixed price IAM – no risk and on time

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A smooth-running fixed price IAM solution is a relaxing experience for IT administrators

Beta Systems fixed price IAM solutuion ‘Fast Forward’ is the standardized setup and implementation of our IAM product suite.

It’s a lot less risky to start with fixed price IAM

How do you benefit from “FAST FORWARD IAM”? We will act as your sparring partner: You are certain to benefit from our experience gained throughout numerous IAM projects implemented for companies that operate in your industry. Profit from our applicable best practices, typical solutions of common issues, and learn how to avoid these problems in the first place.

Advantages of fixed price IAM

Together with you, we will implement the “FAST FORWARD IAM” solution with our best and fastest approach on identity & access management.

  • Reduce the Risk! A standardized project with predictable results.
  • Know Your Costs! Fixed costs for predictable budgeting.
  • Establish and Deliver On Time! Fastest possible ‘time to implementation’ working with an established IAM Vendor.

‘Fast Forward’  includes all the needed components for your initial IAM system.

The fixed price Identity & Access Management solution includes software licences and the needed implementation services. Customers will get our IAM core module for Role- and Rule-based provisioning and a central repository for user and entitlement data.

Furthermore we include our browser-based workflow-module for access management processes and a configurable End-User interface like delegation, substitution or SLAs.

Fast forward includes all the needed implementation services to get your IAM system up and running: installation of the components, a base configuration with user data import and the initial load of the account data of the target system. We will match the user the account data for you as well.

Cuts IAM implementation time in half

Pick 3 target systems – we’ll connect them to the IAM system and include standard workflows that will allow business users to operate the access management meaningful and useful. We’ll install the base software and run an initial load of your data. We’ll work with your team to implement 3 standard roles and 3 standard workflows and train your staff so they can implement more easily and highly efficient!

Find out the numbers of users included, available standard target interfaces, initial load, clean up procedures and consolidation, included workflows, role templates and much more at Fast Forward IAM or call +49 (0) 221 650 150.


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