Beta Systems draws high interest at Gartner IAM summit

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Team cooperation needed to be successful with IAM

fixed-price iam Fast Forward

fixed-price iam

The Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas started with a fantastic role-play by 4 of the analysts to help the record number of attendees see 4 points of view. The theme of the Summit is that building an IAM solution is not just the responsibility of one person or group – it takes the cooperation of a team of people with different points of view and skills. The 4 points of view presented were: Management, Implementer, Consultant/Systems Integrator and Vendor. The presentation, while very humorous at times, drove home the point of view of each of those Stakeholders and also presented the value of each of the Stakeholders to the process.

In other sessions, the theme of cooperation and diplomacy was raised repeatedly. One good session for organizations planning an IAM solution called

“Grab The Low-Hanging Fruit to Simplify Your IAM Program”

emphasized the need to have a PROGRAM rather than a PROJECT. In this session the speakers raised the “Diffusion of Innovation” theory, and rightly pointed out that an IAM Program is more like an innovation than a standard IT project, and it requires careful management of not only the technology choices and implementation, but the organizational politics and priorities.

High Interest for fixed-price IAM announcement of Beta Systems

On the Solution Showcase floor, Beta Systems drew interest for our new Fast Forward IAM solution – especially on its emphasis on quick implementation and containment of costs for new customers. The Fast Forward package will be available to customers in March 2015. Additionally, interest in our Garancy Access Intelligence Manager was obvious from the questions we received from attendees.

Nearly 1200 registered delegates are attending the Summit this year, along with more than 25 Gartner analysts and a total of 58 vendors.

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