Data Access Governance for unstructured data

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Improve your security and reduce the risk of data theft

Beta Systems Software AG introduces the GARANCY Data Access Governance (DAG) solution. This enables customers the secure administration and control of access rights to data stored in unstructured format. Access to data resources can be managed at sub-AD group level such as on file servers, in Microsoft SharePoint or other document management systems. Company data is thus far better protected. GARANCY DAG helps organizations meet the high expectations in risk management and increasing compliance demands in regard to critical information.

Data Access Governance

Data Access Governance

Growing security risks are often neglected

Companies have to process ever greater volumes of unstructured data – such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations or e-mails – on a daily basis. This leads to non-transparent file systems, unmanageable access authorizations and higher security risks. Security is threatened by undesired rights accumulations, multiple used accounts and orphaned user rights of former employees. Companies need clarity on who may access what data, who controls data access and whether the file system has structural weaknesses that facilitate unwanted data leakage.

GARANCY DAG puts the business departments back in charge of stored information. It allows data owners to decide who may access certain data resources when, where and to what extent. Integrated authorization workflows or portal self-services automatically connect the respective data owners with the assignment processes in compliance with all applicable laws, standards and internal regulations.

What are the benefits of DAG for you unstructured data?

  • Customer get an Improved protection of unstructured data
  • Better capabilities to identify security breaches and high risk threats
  • Detection of unnecessary access rights to unstructured data
  • Enable an Enterprise-wide enforcement of access policies via workflows requests and approvals for all your data, be it structured or unstructured
  • Get Integrated compliance checks that consider external and internal regulations
  • Profit from improved IT audit capabilities

How do we protect your data with Data Access Governance?

For data protection we use a Three-Stage Model: A permission audit is performed based on a proven method. The results can be used to clean-up the access rights of the file systems automatically. The last stage will be the software-based execution of the Data Access Governance module.

GARANCY Data Access Governance

GARANCY Data Access Governance

The GARANCY DAG data access governance module can be linked with the GARANCY IAM suite to achieve anything from a loose connection through to deep, extensive integration.

Find out more about the benefits of Data Access Governance at our Data Access Governance website.