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Thomas is Senior Manager Marketing at Beta Systems. While working at market leaders Coca-Cola and Lidl, he was infected with the tech bug and moved rapidly into the software world, working for leading ECM and IAM companies in Marketing, Channel Sales and Product & Solution Management., with a strong focus on business processes and data center solutions at large clients. He is able to rapidly understand and articulate how technology can solve specific business challenges: for sectors, channels, prospects, teams ... and bring all stakeholders on board. He is someone who gets the job done – and then some.

IAM, DAG, PAM: How to break the silos of security tools

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IAM; PAM, DAG for Identities

Identity Access Management, PAM, DAG

Between 2009 and 2014, the number of successful attacks on information security increased at an average annual rate of 66%. Bearing in mind that insiders are responsible for two thirds of these attacks, managing users’ access rights with Identity Access Management has become a critical issue taken very seriously by senior management.

A large number of security solutions are now available, offering different value propositions. Identity Access Management (IAM), data access governance (DAG) and privileged account management (PAM) solutions each make their contribution at different levels to controlling access rights. As the common denominator, the user’s identity can be used to de-compartmentalize these solutions, culminating in an integrated security concept. In the following I will describe a framework for using these products based on user identity, and outlines an integrated architecture meeting IT security requirements over the long term.

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Visit Beta Systems at the INFOSECURITY EUROPE in London

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Infosecurity Europe

Infosecurity Europe

Beta Systems will showcase their risk-driven Identity and Access Management suite at the Infosecurity Europe event which will be held in London on the 7th-9th June, 2016.

It is estimated that between 70-80% of all breaches of corporate information security are due to insiders. However, the right to data access of employees, contractors, partners and customers is one of the biggest vulnerabilities within IT security.


Beta Systems at the European Identity and Cloud Conference in Munich 2016

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We will showcase our risk-driven Identity and Access Management suite at the European Identity & Cloud Conference which will be held in Munich on May 10-13, 2016.

Access Governance Award for Beta Systems

Access Governance Award for Beta Systems at the EIC 2014 and 2015

Our GARANCY IAM Suite allows for collection and administration in a central repository for all information associated with users (identities, groups, roles), with components of the IT system (target systems) and with access rights. The use of Governance Workflows in the IAM system makes it possible for an enterprise to digitally design and accelerate all its processes associated to access rights. The browser-based solution for the efficient recertification of access rights enables companies to review the internal and external users’ access rights and to specify which managers are able to recertify or revoke user permissions. A Password Management module facilitates access to applications and simplifies the enforcement of IT security policies associated to passwords.

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Data Access Governance for unstructured data

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Improve your security and reduce the risk of data theft

Beta Systems Software AG introduces the GARANCY Data Access Governance (DAG) solution. This enables customers the secure administration and control of access rights to data stored in unstructured format. Access to data resources can be managed at sub-AD group level such as on file servers, in Microsoft SharePoint or other document management systems. Company data is thus far better protected. GARANCY DAG helps organizations meet the high expectations in risk management and increasing compliance demands in regard to critical information.

Data Access Governance

Data Access Governance

Growing security risks are often neglected

Companies have to process ever greater volumes of unstructured data – such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations or e-mails – on a daily basis. This leads to non-transparent file systems, unmanageable access authorizations and higher security risks. Security is threatened by undesired rights accumulations, multiple used accounts and orphaned user rights of former employees. Companies need clarity on who may access what data, who controls data access and whether the file system has structural weaknesses that facilitate unwanted data leakage.