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Senior Manager Consulting Dr. Axel Kern has been in management positions with Beta Systems for more than 20 years, with a high level of experience in Development, Portfolio & Solution Management, and Consulting. Graduating and getting a PhD degree at one of the leading German Technology Universities in Braunschweig he brings an exceptional background and knowledge of IAM solutions and their practical use with him. His deep knowledge of the IAM industry gives value to any project. He combines the ability to lead his team members and to prepare his customers at the same time in the right way to achieve excellent project results.

Measurable IAM benefits – an infrastructure task – Part (I)

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An investment decision for an Identity Management solution is not based on a “need-to-have” perception, but is increasingly oriented towards measurable IAM benefits: an increase in security levels and in the efficiency of identity administration.

The term “Identity and Access Management” (IAM) includes all aspects of the administration of digital identities. This is initially an infrastructure task which is indispensable to the proper functioning of an organization. It is also a management task, since these activities affect data security and the efficiency of business processes.

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