About the Blog – IAM Insights

IAM Insights from the largest independent European Provider of IAM software

In this IAM blog by the largest independent European provider of IAM solutions – Beta Systems – we will post our thoughts on Identity Access and Governance, its implications on the business world and the great value it can add to companies and of course we share anything we find interesting regarding security. We will gather news and analysis of the latest attacks, security threats, data protection and anything else that catches our attention.

Advice and Best Practices

You will also get advice on best practices and lessons learned from our experience in implementing IAM in many organizations with up to 900 systems and millions of accounts. We want to start a conversation and help your execute successful IAM projects in your organization.

We’ll publish all comments, but reserve the right to delete ones containing profanity or that are off topic. You can also email us your feedback at iam-blog [at] betasystems [dot] com.